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    The following problem:
    We have a newsletter with two parts and want to insert a link above the first part “go directly to the second part” – which is possible in html with a relative jump of the type href=”#part2″.
    At the beginning of the second part I have inserted an html block with the code <p id=”part2″/p>. However, when this block is saved, the id is deleted from the p tag again.
    How can I create a relative link in the newsletter tool?
    I am aware that not all email clients may be able to handle relative links, but most of them can and that is why we want to use it.

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    When you add a link, for example with a button, you can use the #xxx as the URL. To create the anchored point, you can add an html with just a div with the correct id for example.


    I have inserted link/anchors in my newsletter. When the email is viewed in my mail client, Outlook, the links do not work. If I view the email in a browser, the links work. Is there some additional trick to getting links to work in Outlook?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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