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    I am using a javascript code to load a newsletter form from a popup and it requires the newsletter redirect url after closing the popup. I insert
    but I receive the error message “Invalid”. Which URL I have to insert not to receive that error?
    Thanks a lot and great plugin

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    As url I think you can use a page url which you created to welcome the subscriber. i don’t know which kind of redirect url is required by that popup system.



    The subscription process pass through the form URL
    and then redirects to another page
    I have to tell to my popup plugin which is the page to land otherwise I will not have any subscription at all.
    If I put /?na=s or /newsletter or /newsletter/?nm=confirmation or /newsletter/?nm=confirmation&nk=
    as destination page, I do not have the result, for the email inserted, to be confirmed in process of the mailing list confirmation, because there is the lack of the random number at the end.
    Is there a way to indicate a destination page on my popup that can land to the
    right url and have in this way to be signed to the mailing list in the right way?
    (I have choosen the duoble opt-in process to sign)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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