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    I have a form which was working before somebody made some changes I cannot identify in one of the websites I maintain, I think the configurations are fine but the subscribing process is not working.

    After clicking Subscribe the user is redirected to the page address “https://mywebsite.com.br/?na=s” with just the text “Invalid” on screen.

    See the form:

    <div class="newsletter">
    	<form method="post" action="https://www.inexh.com.br/?na=s" onsubmit="return newsletter_check(this)">
    		<div class="newsletter-header">
    			<span class="newsletter-title">news</span>
    			<span class="newsletter-subtitle">Cadastre-se para receber not&iacute;cias sobre os nossos cursos.</span>
    		<div class="newsletter-form">
    			<input placeholder="DIGITE AQUI SEU EMAIL" class="email" type="email" name="ne" required>
    			<input class="submit" type="submit" value="Ok">

    My Newsletter plugin Status page shows all configurations green, wordpress and plugin updated to the latest versions.
    The [newsletter] page exists and is selected in configurations.

    I have uninstalled / installed the plugin without changes in the behaviour.

    I am pulling my hair off trying to make this work again, help me please…


    Hi, they added a redirect from http://www.inexh.com.br to inexh.com.br breacking the form submission, since in the form there is still the www version.



    Wow thank you very much, I didn’t notice it!

    Now the subscription process is working but the page that is loading after the subscription has only the text “index.php” on screen.

    this is the link of the page: https://inexh.com.br/home/newsletter/?nm=confirmed&nk=366-18de03f8a8

    Shouldn’t it load the newsletter page?


    I can’t delete my last response, I was wrong, It’s all working now, THANK YOU!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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