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    Bill Southard

    I’m working to setup first campaign and need to know how the timing works for sending emails.

    I’ve set the first email to send immediatly. 0 hours
    I’ve set the second to be 24 hours
    I’ve set the third to be 24 hours.

    I know the first will send in about five minutes with the Cruns timing.
    The second will send in 24 hours.
    Will the third email send 24 hours after the first email or the second email?



    The second, the delay is referred to the previous email. We release next week an updated version of autoresponder which should be able to send the first email (if set with 0 delay) immediately.


    Daniel Richard

    Quick question on Autoresponder timing (it’s not answered yet or I couldn’t find any information on this).

    Step 1: 0 hours [immediate]
    Step 2: 24 hours
    Step 3: 24 hours …

    Does Step 3’s 24 hours send in 1 day after Step 2 is sent?

    Or is the delay based on the time when user is subscribed to the autoresponder list?

    Meaning, Step 2 and 3 end up getting send out at the same time on ie 24 hours upon subscribing to list?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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