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    When sending a test email, it’s showing the Sender to be the same as the test email. I’ve configured my SMTP settings and I have my Sender set to my main email for the site (theodore@mydomain.com). My problem is that when the emails go out, they’re coming from ddaniel@mydomain.com. My SMTP settings seem to work and I get a “Success” message, but it (and every newsletter I’ve sent out) all say they’re from the wrong email. No matter what, the emails say they’re coming from my test email instead of the Sender email that I’ve set


    Hi, Newsletter uses the sender you set on its main options. But your SMTP plugin could override it or it could be change by your provider. Maybe the sender you’re using has not its own mailbox and your provider does not allow to use a different address than the one used to autheticate.


    I’m not using any third party SMTP plugins, but I did use the SMTP settings in the Newsletter plugin. I set those to the SMTP settings per my host. In the Newsletter General Settings, I do have the “Sender” email set to the one I want. I noticed in the documents that it says you set the Sender in the set up wizard. I may have put that other email in there by mistake. I assumed it could be changed after the install if needed.
    Oddly, the Sender seems to be the same email address I put in the “Test Email” slot every time. Even when I change the email


    The newsletter still shows from “ddaniel@mydomain” instead of “theodore@myotherdomain”. Note: the sent from email, “ddaniel” isn’t my main host email that I use for logging into my cpanel, so I have no clue where the plugin is pulling that email from other than the plugin itself. I have the ddaniel email set as my Test Email.
    I just tried to configure through gmail, with the same results. Even though it was connected and confirmed through my google account, when I sent a test email, it still said “from ddaniel”.
    When I click on “Newsletter” in my WP navigation panel, it takes me to the Newsletter Dashboard. At the bottom of this dashboard is the email address in question, “ddaniel@mydomain.com”. It has a green button next to it that says “Stay Updated”. No matter what I do, I cannot change that email. This is the only place that I can see in my whole site where this email still remains

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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