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    I am happy user of Your Newsletter plugin.
    I dont have SSL certifivate on my website, and I use standard address http://lifescience.pl/
    When I send test newsletter today everything was fine in it.
    When I decided to send it normally to all subscribers I get information that link “View online” from the PRE HEADER doesn’t work. It was automatically replaced with https (secure).
    Test Newsletter: https://scr.hu/GX405j http://lifescience.pl/?na=v&id=6&nk
    Send Newsletter: https://scr.hu/VR6jLA https://lifescience.pl/?na=v&id=6&nk

    Any idea how can I fix it in the future?


    Hi I don’t know what is that scr.hu link, surely not from newsletter. You could have a plugin rewriting the link inside emails sent from wordpress.



    scr.hu is link with screenshot. I made 2 screenshots to show both links, from test newsletter and from send newsletter.
    Do you know what is name of the plugin rewriting link inside sent emails?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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