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    Problems using your plugin, I have not been able to send more emails since the first one I sent 3 weeks ago.

    -My problem is when I create a new newsletter, the screen on the right appears Not Enough Privilege.
    -I have the updated version 4.9.7
    -Post your photo so you can check where it is … https://travelling.com.ve/the-newsletter/

    – Check the HTTPS, enable it and disable it, in both ways the problem continues.

    -I am logged in as administrator. Please do not know what to do. I was seriously considering acquiring the plugin, however this situation discourages me a lot.
    This is my mail, if you want I can give an admin user to verify what happens: asuarezbcn@gmail.com
    I appreciate the help

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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