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    I use “newsletter” and thank you, it’s great !

    But I have a problem :/

    In the fold emails/tn-composer/blocks I modified the .php of my blocks to use some images (logo etc)

    But after, the plugin in the control interface my link http is replaced by https (automatically secure)

    Look this image to better understand :
    problem https

    And that case I can change the link ok but for other cases (for example background image) we can’t change.

    And it’s very problematic, what’s the solution? (microsoft outlook do not read httpS)
    Where a can disabled the automatic securing of my link ?

    thank you !


    Hi, i’ve tried with a custom block on my site but the htts is not changed (on my blog). Since the editor get back the HTML from the browser I suspect is the browser changing it to HTTPS even f I don’t understand why.

    More, why outlook should not load an HTTPS resource? have you a real HTTPS certificate?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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