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    Privacy checkbox/notice: Please visite


    I did specifie a Privacy URL (https://titanick.de/datenschutz/) but the link doesn’t work.
    I added some CSS to have a pointer on mouse over but even deleting ALL CSS added to the theme, the link is still missing.
    Thank you in advance for your help, I appreciate a lot your powerful plugin!


    Hi, is the form configured to link te privacy label? check on subscription form fields panel.


    Thank you Stefano!
    And sorry; I didn’t told you that WPML is running on this website.

    To enable the Privacy checkbox, I switched to “all languages” to see this option.
    (Main profile fields > Privacy checkbox/notice > Enabled?: YES)

    Surprise: When I added the Privacy URL: https://titanick.de/datenschutz/ (“all languages” switched!) the link works.
    But how to deal with the URL for the french and english policy?


    Hello. I find the same behaviour pointed out by Toniletter: the link of the privacy url works only once you switch to ‘All languages’ and set it there. But it points to that url in all languages.

    The field to set the url is visible when you switch in each language and you can save different values in each language, but these values seem to be ignored.

    Then, can you suggest how it is possible to use a different privacy url for each language when you are working in a multilanguage site?

    Thank you



    I have the same problem that was described here: I have a webpage with three languages, and in every form the labels (and other texts) are correct, however the link for the Privacy Policy doesnt change with the language.
    If I set it up on the All-language setup, that link will be present under every language.
    If I do not set up a link on the All-language setup, none of the languages have any link (only the title, which is in the correct language).

    It is somewhat worrying, that the posts before me are more than a year old, and this is still a problem.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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