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    We are using NEWSLETTER on a few sites and never had problems, even with lists of 20.000+ subscribers.
    Today on a new site began something strange: Impossible to make display the “extract” of the text (the XX words). We put 0, or 30, or 100 etc in the box (number of words), and then nothing. We click on “apply”, etc, change the presentation (one column, 2, etc), change the text color, etc, nothing, never texts shows up. We CAN enter some text manually in the place it should be the extract, but the extract itselfs isn’t displayed.
    This is with template “Last news from your blog” that we always use.
    Version is 7.2.8 on all sites, and on TWO sites it is the same problem. On others, no problem!
    We uninstalled completely, deleted the SQL tables, reinstalled, same problem.
    Only title shows up, with other options (show author, date, image). If I am right there was a “show extract” select-box too, but now it disappeared. The “full article” shows up normally.
    Any suggestion?
    Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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