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    Hi, Hope someone can help.

    I love to use Post Rows in my newsletters. But the new look seems to give me much less control over which posts I can get it to list. I don’t want to list “x” number of latest posts or only by category. Was on an extended trip and didn’t get to send out weekly newsletters for a six weeks. So I’d like to send out two or three per newsletter, starting with the oldest of the posts I haven’t included.

    Have tried everything; I think! Hoping I’m wrong.
    1. Have tried selecting just one post and putting in the writer’s name (unique to recent content). But that’s not working. Nor is a unique key word and category to the that post. Would think that would work.
    2. Have tried unique categories only, asking for 2 or 3 posts. Played with that option quite a bit but can’t get it pull up what I want.
    3. Etc…have tried all kind of things…can’t get it to do what I want.

    And why can’t I do several “sets” of these? Again, would have thought that would work? Because I like to include “Latest Posts” and also another section, “Did you Miss….” for an older post.

    Not being able to include the posts I want to showcase is really limited.

    Love your plugin; hoping you can help make this work!
    Thanks os much,


    Hi Does anyone monitor this forum?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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