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    I purchased your pro license but my license has recently expired. I tried to update the plugin but it seems like I’m not allowed to anymore.
    Does that mean that after my license expires, I am no longer entitled to receive plugin updates? I understand if I’m not entitled to receive pro support after the license expires… but even plugin updates? That’s quite disappointing. I have purchased many plugins before and this is the first time I’ve encountered this situation.
    What happens if there are security/vulnerabilities in older versions of the plugin?

    Thank you.

    James Wilcox

    It’s pretty normal practice now, and it states on the pricing page “1 year of updates” under the paid plans. Developers can’t work forever for free.


    Whilst I appreciate your opinion but my question was directed to the plugin authors.
    And as I’ve said – what about security/plugin vulnerabilities/bug fixes?

    Not asking developers to work for free forever (I used to be a developer btw.) – but this is what I consider after sales service so customers can consider purchasing other plugins from you in future. All the plugins I’ve ever purchased on the Envato Marketplace offer lifetime updates, just not lifetime support.

    Even if this concern is not addressed, I’d really appreciate a reply or at least someone taking a customer’s feedback into consideration as I’m sure other customers would have the same concerns too.


    Hi, the main plugin, Newsletter, freely available from wp.org, has no license bindings so you can get updated forever from wp.org when we publish them. Commercial addons can be updated for the time related to your license (we have yearly licenses and three years renewal licenses, right now – but it’s subject to change, of course).
    All that is clearly stated on the pricing page where is even specified we do not apply for automatic recurring payments, but for any doubts, we are here to support before the purchase (and after, of course!).

    That is just a commercial choice: there are marketplaces where you get a license valid forever, there are companies that ask for recurring monthly payments, and so on. Maybe we can change in the future by offering a lifetime license, we’ve already discussed that.
    Thank you, Stefano.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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