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    Hi, I’m the least tech person I know and yet I somehow manage to get myself into a position of managing a website for a non profit. I created the site in WordPress and because there are over 1200 members I needed a cost-effective method for sending monthly bulletins.

    I uploaded our members as subscribers, that went fine. I then used our “old” email system and sent an email advising people they should have received a prior email with the title. So I got a bunch of responses saying they did not get it which does not surprise me because my “stats” show Reach 1216 – Opens 10 — Clicks 4 — which would be highly irregular.

    At the recommendation of my site host (Doteasy) I installed Easy WP SMTP to make sure we did not run afoul of their limits (100 per hour) and I set the plugin for 75 and was able to test the SMTP and it worked fine (for sending test messages).

    Yesterday afternoon I sent out a bulletin naturally because of the limits of 75 an hour I knew it would take about 14 hours. This morning it’s complete. The dashboard is showing “Reach 1219 – Opens 0 – Clicks 0 – and again I personally didn’t receive the bulletin email. I did my double test again by sending out an email to everyone on the list this morning and so far I’ve had at least 60 people come back and say they did NOT get the bulletin.

    Help me please this is important!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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