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    I have been living with the error “Please, map at least the email field on “Fields” tab” But no filed options appear!
    This plugin is nice if if it would let me add my subscribers lists, and IF it would show me the delivery speed option! they don’t exist!
    The mapping function does not appear at all as shown in the support video. I have the users Sorted with only 2 identifiers first name, email.
    I have tried to make this work for 4 hours. Nothing. I even installed the plugin on a clean version of WP 6 it’s still broken.
    I have also tried only importing 5 subscribers, nope the mapping fields DO NOT APPEAR! I tried CSV UTF-8, comma, semicolon, and just plain ol copy and pasted.
    I also tried deactivate- re-activate. No change.
    This has been extremely frustrating.
    BTW, Every time I import the subscribers the data is parsed correctly and shows up in a simple table. Just without displaying any mapping fields!
    I have also used 3 different web browsers, firefox, chrome, and Edge, same thing no mapping fields.
    So… Why would the mapping fields under the advanced importer not show up?
    ALSO: WHY would the plugin not show me the delivery speed options under setting->general setting menus?
    Please help me fix this.
    Thank you,



    Fixed it.
    If the menu tabs(#basic, delivery, advanced) are not showing in settings-> general you need to stop inline of css fonts.
    I specifically had an issue with the Wp- optimize plugin minify -> fonts -> inherit from css settings.

    To fix this tabs menu not being displayed simply change the font option under google fonts to ” Asynchronously load CSS files from Google Fonts”
    Save and then go to newsletter plugin and you should see your tabs!

    Hope it helps someone!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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