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    When keying a new subscriber from the “newsletter page”, I experience few invalid address like following (I changed name’s letters) :
    lzejzs.lbifer@univ_pau.fr although, I have several people with the address @univ_pau.fr
    and few others email with accented letters are told invalid as well.
    I run newsletter 7.6.7, I disabled antibot, akismet, antiflood and captcha
    blog charset set is UTF-8 Database Charset is utf8mb4. As I experienced this problem, I “tried tables upgrade” without success.
    Any idea of how I could fix this ?


    Hi, the block is shown when data is submitted or directly in the browser email field? The problem is actually the validation of IDN domains: they’re valid but it’s required specific code to correctly manage them (and sometimes email services does not accept them).


    Hi, block appears at the exact time I press enter. Although, email lzejzs.lbifer@univ_pau.fr is refused, other suscribers use @univ_pau.fr address
    Is there any way to fix the problem ?


    wouldn’t it be possible getting rid of invalid email address control since those mails could be rejected as delivery time as unknown address are ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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