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    When working with Filemaker on a Mac, the exported list of email addresses uses CR (Carriage Return, \r) line endings.

    Currently, the Advanced Import plugin for the newsletter plugin does not detect Mac line endings correctly.
    It only detects DOS and Unix line endings (NL, Newline, \n) line endings correctly.

    The fix is to replace the $handle = fopen($this->get_filename(), 'r'); calls in csv-map.php and plugin.php with:

    $original = ini_get("auto_detect_line_endings");
    ini_set("auto_detect_line_endings", true);
    $handle = fopen($this->get_filename(), 'r');
    ini_set("auto_detect_line_endings", $original);

    Could you please include this fix in the next version of the Advanced Import plugin?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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