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    Mauro Berton

    We have a problem whit otlook preview in a newsletter made by Responsive Drag & Drop Composer.
    In a list of inbox, outlook show the object and 1 row of text preview … similar to other email client (yahoo web for example)
    But in outlook appears this strange code <.. ..
    I discovered is a 1x1px png image that appears only in outlook email.
    How can i solve?
    I buy a license for this client (expired 2 week ago) but to renew i have to solve this problem. Thanks


    Hi, the 1×1 image is the tracking image. The “data” block is not by us, it means something (or in the blog or in the mail server) is transforming the linked image to an embedded one. BUT that kind of embedding, as far as I know, is not well support by email client.

    Have you a plugin which manipulate the email sent from your blog?


    Mauro Berton

    Thanks Stefano,
    we don’t have other plugin that manipulate the outgoing email.
    We send whit sparkpost.

    Mauro Berton

    Sparkpost ask to me for a newsletter code.
    I duplicate the newsletter, go to preview and press the Convert to HTML Newslettr …
    It’s right? The code generate by this procedure is the same of the template Responsive Drag & Drop Composer?


    Unfortunately Outlook by default does not support background images. For our email templates we add some code that Outlook can read and understand, which means that now can display the background images.

    Thomas Price

    Hi Eunicee,
    Can you post the code that Outlook can read and understand, to display the background images?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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