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    Does anyone have experience of this please? I’m wondering if it is possible to have one install of Newsletter, say on its own domain, but which receives the subscribers from other domains, and sends emails in the name of those other domains but holds a central list of subscribers. The actually scenario is the company is a Group who owns many restaurants which all have their own domain. The subscriber list therefore is a valuable resource of customers who may have interest in many of the other restaurants and bars.

    The options I have considered is that each domain gets its own copy of Newsletter, and we manually combine the subscriber lists every few days (hard work).

    Or, we install Newsletter on one domain, and again feed it the subscribers. But there may also be problems sending emails in the name of the other domains.

    Any advice, views, help most welcome.



    You should offer a centralized registration to your newsletter. The form can be installed separately on each domain, but it posts the data in the main site.

    If the domains are a low number, each form can contain an hidden list number that repersents the resturant or with a customization the resturant source of the subscription can be a special field.

    The problem that you will anyway have is to send a newsletter for a specific resturant, actually I think you can simply create a good newsletter layout for each resturant and don’t worry if it is sent from the main domain.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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