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    I have three list of newsletter. how can i insert in the subscribe form the list of the list newsletter? so the users that would be subscribe the newsletter can choose in witch list want to insert and the user subscribe automatically will insert in the list newsletter


    I would like to know also about this topic. How can I built subscribe for to different lists?

    The information you have given about the topic don’t tell where to add list. Please could someone explain how to do this?

    “Different forms with different lists
    If you create more than one subscription form (with different purposes) you should assign the subscription to different lists, so you can then distinguish the origin of subscribers and target them separately. For example you create two landing pages, one asking to subscriber to sport news and one to subscribe to outdoor news. You should create two lists (sport and outdoor) set them as “available on profile editing page” and create two subscription forms on your landing page as:

    [newsletter_form list="1"] [newsletter_form list="2"]
    Newsletter manages double subscriptions and is able to update and merge the subscriber profile if it subscribes twice, both on the first landing page and on the second one.”


    Hi, configure the lists to be public and shown on the subscription form. Already did that and not working?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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