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    Hello! I need help … My newsletters are not being sent … Manuals or used with the Automated plugin … Test mails, individual messages, are Ok!

    I received the message “The WP scheduler doesn’t seem to be running correctly for Newsletter. Read this page to solve the problem” on the dashboard, so I set up separate wp-cron, called by wget from another server (in fact, I changed the file name, because my provider is blocking access to wp-cron)…

    Anyway, it does not work. Neither gives message or anything similar. Only 0 of X emails sent …

    What can I be doing wrong?


    Two possibilities: or the wp-cron.php is generating an error (try to call it with a browser) or the external cron call is blocked (even if you changed the file name).

    How did you setup the external trigger?


    Well, initially I tried “wget ​​-O / dev / null http://www.mysite.com/file_sheduler.php from an external server. I didn’t get an error message … Trying to access wp-cron.php, actually got the message “Forbbiden” … But it turns out that I managed to replace wp-cron.php by FTP, even with new permissions, and now it is accessible via web or externally (generates a blank page, right ?!). I tried everything including define (‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true);
    The message that wp_cron is not working (or the scheduler) has disappeared. It seems to be ok now, but …

    Nothing is working! Newsletters are simply not sent … In the log, the most suspicious message says:

    10/1419 5:32:03 – INFO – m: 43.4 MB, u: 0 – limits_exceeded> Max time set to 285
    10/14/1919 17:32:18 – INFO – m: 44.3 MB, u: 0 – limits_exceeded> Max emails limit reached

    See, my provider allows 100 emails per hour. I’m using the 90 limit only!

    What could it be?


    I think I understand what’s going on … The automatic newsletter didn’t start the trigger because of the initial scheduler / cron issues. Next, we set up a manual newsletter. When we solved cron, the automatic newsletter started sending, leaving the new manual newsletter waiting for serial sending…

    It turns out we only suspected this because the statistics on the dashboard showed a slight increase (4 emails open every 5 minutes or so), but indicated 0 out of 8,000 submissions in the manual newsletter. And it puzzled us that the automatic newsletter WAS TURNED DISABLE and still sent them.


    Hi, is the automated channel was disabled BUT a newsletter has already been generated, it continues going out.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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