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    we were looking for a way to limit content for a specific list of users and we found the tag newsletter_lock. there’s no documentation though if this is possible.

    also, i’m confused about how the system will know if a user should have content displayed for in the first place. if a user is signed up and they go straight to the page with the locked content, will they see the locked content message? meaning they will only be able to access the content if they clicked the link sent in the email?



    Hi, the system uses a token stored in a cookie which identifies the subscriber. If it is valid the content is unlocked. There is no per list option or like.

    When a user follow a tracked link or confirms the subscription to cookie is set.



    I see. meaning, regardless of what list a user signed up for, the content will still be available correct?

    Is there an api available where i could read the contents of a list from php?



    I also would like to see the option to unlock specific content only for particular subscriber lists. Maybe an option for the future?


    I like the Plugin very much, but i have also the problem with locked content. It would be great if it could be used with woocommerce. Something like -> give me your E-Mail adress and you will get a voucher for your next buy. Or a voucher vor the locked content. Or maybe the locked content could be sent as an appendix to an E-Mailadress..?

    Is there a option or a addon available in the future? I still like the Plugin very much, but i have to use the locked content feature… so if it is not planned for the future, i have to look for an other Newsletter-Tool…

    Best regards, Anton

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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