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    keith reay

    hello newsletter team

    i’ve been styling my first newsletter and have come across some problems which i hope you can help with

    i’ve inserted a columns block and added an image and some text. however, despite setting the font to verdana, 32px, white, it’s appearing as arial, 13px, #222 – why would it do that?

    also, i’ve inserted a text box and formatted the text as verdana and it’s displaying as monaco!

    while i’m here and i raised this in another ticket, but it’s pertinent, it seems obvious to me that a newsletter would have a general styling pane, where the font, font sizes, colors, especially link colors, headings, etc could be set. this is standard with most newsletter packages. this could be on the dashboard. global parameters

    thanks for your time. i hope these glitches can be resolved

    i’ve uploaded sample images to show what my problems are. see here:

    all the best


    Hi, if you use a free text block, be sure to select the text and set the font using the top selectors. When it starts the editor does not apply correctly the styles.
    If possible send a test to test@thenewsletterplugin.com so I can check the email source: every paragraph should have its own inline style.


    Note: using the free text block you need to set the colors of the link directly in the editor, since the global style are not always applied by email clients (for example by gmail when showing emails for a non-google account).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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