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    I’m using Buddypress and a Pro Membership plugin that creates a new “Register” page. This seems to block the option to have a checkbox for newsletter signup. Does anyone have a suggestion or option for a workaround? I realize it’s probably the new creation of the Register page and its shortcode, but that’s a plugin I need


    Hi, install our integration for buddypress, https://wordpress.org/plugins/newsletter-buddypress/. If you use a membership plugin you can try to add to their signup page a checkbox named “newsletter” and install our wp users integration addon to intercept the registration.

    Michael Joel Hall

    Hey Stefano!

    I’m having trouble with the BuddyPress integration also.

    I use BuddyBoss. I’m wondering if its possible to somehow link Newsletter lists with BuddyPress groups. It would make it super convenient to contact our membership using your awesome visual composer and the autocreate tool.

    Speaking of add-ons, I’d love to allow instasend to work with custom post types, so I can isntasend courses, lessons, and topics.



    I have the same need.
    I have a website where users register through the BuddyBoss form.
    These users are already being registered on the email list. So far, everything is fine.

    However, I have 3 groups in BuddyBoss and would like to link each group to a newsletter.
    One way I thought of was to create an extra field in the BuddyBoss form called “your specialty”. This way, the user could choose their professional specialty. And with that, they would automatically be registered on the list corresponding to their specialty.
    Note that the “specialty” here in my project is the same as the group’s subject.
    So I have 3 specialties, which will be the same as the subjects of the groups and would also be the same as the 3 lists.
    For example:
    Specialty 1
    Specialty 2
    Specialty 3

    Group Specialty 1
    Group Specialty 2
    Group Specialty 3

    List Specialty 1
    List Specialty 2
    List Specialty 3

    Would this be possible?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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