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    I had a newsletter to go, all the same material as usual, and when it was sent out today, the entire Newsletter was blank. I stopped delivery once I noticed this and then edited the Newsletter for today and it was BLANK?! Is there a way to see old revisions or saved copied? I never removed any material from my newsletter and it would have take quite a feet to have deleted each element without noticing at least one of them missing, let alone all. I need to send a Newsletter out to over 700 people today and I am unsure that this will not happen again. Help?

    James Wilcox

    A client had the same problem today. She sent a test to herself, which was sent with content, but the page reloaded and the newsletter was then blank.


    Hi, the page reloads with blank content could be due to the “mod_security” component of your hosting space, sometimes we experienced that. The mod_security blocks the saving believing that content is a hack attempt (of course it is not).
    This week we release an update to try to address that problem.
    A note: the mod_security does not block always the saving, it depends on the newsletter content, so that problem can appear randomly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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