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    Hello, i’ve had some issues with the newsletter this month and i don’t know what caused it. It has been sent around 5 times per person. Any ideas why that would be? I’ve tried testing it and the test mails were okay but when i pressed send and then trigger the delivery engine this whole mess happened. The problem is that i ve sent it before and i never had this issue, but now i did. It is critical so i would appreciate the help ! Also i have a question, do i really need to have mail bank plugin for the smtp settings or i can just rely on the newsletter plugin to handle the send mail engine all together ?

    Have a nice day


    Hi, Newsletter uses a semaphore that should avoid concurrent sending. Did you triggered manually the delivery engine few times in a row? I wonder if there is a bug in checking the semaphore with manual triggering.

    Thank you for your help in debugging it!



    Hi, thanks for the response,
    I didn’t trigger it twice, but i always trigger it manually hence i didn’t know there was an automatic option. Also is there an option to stop the engine when already triggered.
    I’ve spent whole day debugging it, and i saw that the engine didn’t put the mail in the database more than once which leads to other questions. Like where did it go wrong, is it gmail issue, i’m using smtp,gmail host and TLS protocol port 587, never had issues with it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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