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    sklep cherimprmium

    Good day I am using contact form 7 version I have installed and configured the newsletter plugin. I added a checkbox to the cf7 form: [checkbox* newsletter default:1 “Subscribe to my newsletter”] as instructed. Unfortunately after subscribing to the newsletter on my form the welcome page message does not arrive and the subscriber is not subscribed to the list. I have the welcome page enabled in the settings, sending the test page works fine. It does not work only with contact form 7.
    Can I ask for help in this matter?
    Thank you very much


    Hi, do you mean the welcome email?
    Try to test the email deliverability from the system/delivery panel, could be the blog has some problems sending emails.

    sklep cherimprmium

    Hi thank you for your reply yes it is about the welcome emails. After subscribing to the newsletter via contact form 7 it does not subscribe the subscriber to the list. The test emails are sent correctly. In the tnp system is there an smtp option or do I need to check there?

    sklep cherimprmium

    I checked the operation o when I used the newsletter widget plugin tnp everything is fine the welcome message arrives. Only by contact form 7 does not work

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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