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    Hi guys,

    The newsletter-plugin forwards me to the confirmation message, even though the email address i entered does already have a confirmed subscription. Fyi, I am simply using the [newsletter] plugin shortcode in WordPress. In my opinion i should have been forwarded to the Error page content where i am saying something like this email address does already exist, right?!

    Would appreciate any help to get this issue solved.



    This is correct since you can have multiple subscription forms in the site, subscribing to different lists. More, the user who is already subscribed and subscribes again surely forgot his previous subscription and giving him an error message is no a great user experience.

    This is mostly felt as a problem to who is testing the subscription. Anyway we’re in the way to release a new list management and with that the option to show an error message to who is already subscribed.



    Thanks, Stefano. I do fully agree your explanation regarding user experience.

    On the other hand when using Double-Opt-In the user think he has to undergo the full subscription process again, because they reads the message on the website, then he gets the confirmation link via email, he clicks the confirmation url etc….it’s also not such a great user experience ;-).

    Looking forward to your list management. Have a great day!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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