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    My Newsletter Plugin deleted itself after I updated it some minutes ago. That’s unacceptable for a newsletter plugin. I lost 3000 E-Mail Contacts just because of this bug!!!
    Hopefully I can restore an older version of my website with my hoster.
    Does anyone else here had the same problem?


    Is there any way to backup the mailing lists automatically ?


    Hi, that is impossible, our plugin cannot delete itself and, anyway, the database is not touched during the update process. So all your data and subscribers is still theme, of course if you have not some kind of blog reset procedure which for sure is not part of WordPress or Newsletter.

    Please, check your database, or ask a technician to check it for you, and look for “newsletter_*” tables. There you can find all your data. If those tables are not there you should definitively check what happened in your blog.

    You can install Newsletter again, and it will show you the data store into your database.


    Hi Stefano and thanks for your answer.
    The plugin-folder of the newsletter plugin was empty, so i couldn’t get any data there.
    Luckily my backup worked and this time I could update all my plugins without this error. I dont know where the error ocured but I’m happy that it works now again and I will do manually backups of my newsletter list now every months 🙂
    Best Regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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