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    I have a problem when sending newsletter.
    The context :
    – I maintain a wordpress site for a little sociéty of former students. Due to several reasons, our activity was very low last years and we decided to reactivate the society.
    – So I prepared a newsletter, updated some users (4) to give them a tester status and I tested the newsletter, all was fine and all testers received the newsletter.
    – so we decided to send the newsletter to all our members : 259
    – The send has been very slow but after some hours the system said me via the statistic panel of the newsletter that 259 had been sent and also how many had been opened.
    AFter some times I realized that some users (included me!) never received the newsletter and I don’t know how to check what happened

    Some technical information :
    Wordpress 6.0.2-fr_FR
    Newsletter : Version 7.5.3
    Usage of an external SMTP (my host provider with a mail adddress given by this provider)
    Site health OK but not for the PHP version (7.3.32 instead of 7.4)
    Delivery diagnostic ok : I receive the test message
    WordPress Scheduler and Newsletter Delivery Engine : OK (but strabngely sometimes indicates KO I don’t know why)
    System status all is OK, only the PHP execution time limit :”Your PHP execution time limit is 165 seconds. It cannot be changed and it is too lower to grant the maximum delivery rate of Newsletter. ” but I think that this only slow things and not stop them…

    If someone has some ideas to investigates, he/she is very welcome

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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