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    The e-mails are marked as successfully sent, but they do not arrive to the inbox. I Tried different mailboxes at different providers and I checked spam of course.
    There must be something wrong with the way the newsletter is composed, because when I try it with a simple text, it goes through alright. The “Delivery diagnostic” mail goes through alright as well.
    But when I try to send a newsletter with a few “Last Posts”, it never arrives. No error messages, everything looks normal, but the recipient never receives it.

    I have been trying for hours to figure out what is going on, to no avail. Can anyone please help ?


    Hi, if you have no errors in the diagnostic panel, it means emails are moved to the delivery service and there something happens.
    See this article that explains how the delivery happens in WP.
    Are you using an SMTP plugin or a delivery addon?


    Thanks for your answer. I will look at the article.
    I wasn’t using any SMTP plugin or delivery addon, but after I asked my domain provider for support, they installed the WP Mail SMTP plugin, and confirmed that it can send e-mails.
    However, it didn’t resolve my issue with Newsletter.



    After a pretty long exchange with the domain host, it looks like their outgoing spam filter marks the mail as spam and doesn’t let it leave the server. Here is a part of the report of their antispam tool that they provided me with:

    5.50 BAYES_50
    0.00 HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_04
    0.00 SPF_HELO_NONE
    -0.10 SPF_PASS

    After a lot of testing, it seems that the number of cyrillic characters triggers the bayesian filters to flag the mail.
    The newsletter are made of blogposts written in russian, and after approximately 130 russian letters, the e-mails get blocked. Basically it works if I only include the post titles and limit the newsletter to the ~3-4 last blog posts. It used to work fine with titles+excerpt for 5-7 blog posts, weekly, but clearly their filter changed recently.

    Sadly the provider’s support is telling me that there is nothing they can do. They are a french hosting company and I suppose they don’t have a lot of russian clients, so it is not something they are interested in fixing. They are recommending that I use a third party like MailJet, but that’s yet another added monthly cost.

    I don’t think there is anything the plugin could do to help bypass their filter, but just in case I thought I’d ask: do you think there might be anything that can be done ?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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