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    I have to report a strange confusing behavior of your plugin.

    Even if there is told all delivery procceeded successfully, I got customer e-mails complaining about not getting their newsletter,
    we obviously (…/wp-admin/admin.php?page=newsletter_statistics_view&id=10) forwarded to them (They’ve also checked the SPAM-folder.).
    I have no idea and clue how it could be, that we experience that annoying behavior of (Newsletter Plugin 4.6.0).
    A kind of provider matters? Some people of the delivery list got the newsletter, ohters not. That’s not acceptable.

    We need to be sure to be able to reach all our clients and to count on the report function of your product (plugin).
    Already updated your product to its latest version. There still wasn’t a hint of our problem in your changelog so.

    Any hint or tipp to solve our problem would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    Hi did you make a test from the diagnostic panel? Does it report “success”? If so and the emails are not delivered it means Newsletter pass over the email toy your server and it does not deliver them.

    Let me know, Stefano.


    Hi Stefano,

    thank you for your instant reaction.

    Well, I double checked this already. If our server wouldn’t pass the newsletter over,
    nobody would get our newsletter ever. A couple get and a lot of not (perhaps). Not every client
    answered back, getting the newsletter or not.
    We have a lot of complaints, about not getting the newsletter. I was asked e.g. for adding some
    people in our newsletter delivery list, that already are part of it and so.
    For reconstructing my first statements see the following screenshots:

    Thanks in advance.



    I have had the same very bad experience, that newsletters, that are sent, are not received by the subscribers. We need a tool, that can prove,that the newsletter has arrived in the subscribers inbox (or spamfolder) Or may be there is another way to get this very important information.?

    Sten Christensen


    I am having the same problem here. I cannot figure out what the problem is or what i have done wrong.
    There is need to get this problem solved as soon as possible


    Why do people always complain and accuse. I’m sending much much more newsletters with Newsletter and I can’t complain about the plugin. Sending a newsletter isn’t difficult, but getting it – delivered – is extreme complex! Sending newsletters is more than a plugin and a push on a button. You have to kwow about what your mailserver/provider accepts, limits on your emailadresses/domains, blacklisting and handeling of such a flag, DMARC, SPF and/or DKIM to get deliverd to gmail hotmail and such account. And don’t forget bounce handeling, de bounce-plugin also made by Stefano works great!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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