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    David Kessler

    Been using Newsletter plugin for quite some time. In the most recent version, I am experiencing some really weird behavior while using the drag & drop builder.

    First, the plugin is giving folders the wrong permission (like 640 instead of 754 or 755). So images that are part of the user’s setup do not show without manually changing the folder & file permissions. The permissions on the folders for the demo product is set right though. I can fix this obviously but it should not need this type of editing.

    Second, in the drag and drop builder, when linking in an image that, it is adding an additional “/./” folder in the image src link. So instead of /wp-content/uploads/newsletter/thumbnails/ image name, it is putting it as /wp-content/uploads/newsletter/thumbnails/./ image name. The only fix that I have for this is to build the newsletter the way I want it and then convert to an HTML newsletter and then remove the offending folder reference.

    Lastly, the image being referenced is also being created in this folder with permissions of 640. So I have to edit the permissions to 644 in order for them to show. Why not just link to the image that is already uploaded rather than recreating the image in this folder anyways?


    Hi, we do not set explicitly any permission on file system, we always use standard WP function to create folders. Hence I don’t know why you’re experiencing that strange behavior.

    I’ll check the /./ folder, again it’s not something we add, we use the standard resize function of WP. We cannot use the original image in a newsletter, otherwise it would be totally scrambled (not all email client support the resize or the CSS media queries). Some time we need to crop them as well. Anyway thumbnails should be created in a standard way inside the wp uploads folder… I’ll try to check what could be wrong.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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