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    Hello All,

    Well well, the plugin is wonderfull it works like charm, Wel sortoff.
    The subscribe button works good, sadly i can’t change the form looks alot but it works decent.

    Now i’ve run into a big big error for me.
    My client(owner of the website) wants to send newsletters through the plugin, this is because my client has the database that contains all the e-mail adresses to send a newsletter to.
    Since i’ve been trying to send a test newsletter to myself the first time(after installing the plugin) it worked like charm, now i’ve updated the website and made it multilanguage so it has tabs to change language. Since that moment i couldn’t send a newsletter.

    Well now the question how can i fix this, i’d hope we can solve this since i’m quite stuck now.

    I’m currently developing the website further and further.

    What is the problem?

    When you select new newsletter, you can choose the theme. I’d take simple just cause its fast and simple for a test.
    When you proceed to edit it forwards you to a new page: Now this page is empty/blank without any information.

    Is there a possibility to fix this?

    I’m looking forward to your reaction.

    Thanks in advance.


    MBraam Creations

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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