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    The stats of the automated newsletters are difficult to use for making decisions.
    Sent: 3847
    Read: 887
    Clicked: 63

    Now the problem is that there is no % based figures. I would like to know how many percent of the users read and clicked. This will allow to view all the sent newsletters in one glance and to quickly ascertain the ones that provided good results. Otherwise these stats are quite difficult to use. We’re trying to find the best performing newsletter out of about 50 newsletters that have been sent and this is quite a tedious activity now as the stats don’t have %

    Just thought you could use this feedback/suggestion to improve the software. Happy with the performance but there continue to bugs and need for improvement.

    Thank you


    Hi, if you’re using automated you should have a license and so you can install the reports addon which gives you more information.

    Or are you already using reports?


    Hi Stefano,

    Thanks for your response. Yes we do have reports, what I meant was that on the screen where you see all the stats for a particular campaign, it shows the sent/read/clicked .. would be nice to have a % figure for open/click on the same screen. that would give a quick overview of which copy performed best, without needing to visit each newsletter report manually to check the %..

    hope it makes sense? I can include a screenshot if you like

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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