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    My Newsletter has stopped Sending their automated Emails on daily basis after 11.10.2019. After 11.10.2019, all the Post are in Pending Stage, its going very slowly…. I am getting the Automated Emails of my post of 10.10.2019 today instead of my Today’s Post. All the Post after 11.10.2019 are in pending stage.
    What would be the Problem, Kindly Help.


    Something reported in the status page? Which is your site?


    Yes…. and I have been informed by the Support also.. They asked and I Replied to them, There is KO in my Status Page in the Cron… Site is http://www.concretecivil.com …. Now am waiting for the reply of the Support Team.


    I have exactly the same problem (with a weekly Feed-by-Mail since october 2. Was there an automated update of NewsLetter then? I have it on 2 different websites, both on a different server. The mails are sent but are no longer delivered. Sending a normal testmail still works, sending a testmail from the “status” page gives a red KO. The link to https://www.thenewsletterplugin.com/test-newsletters-are-not-sent-test-emails-are gives me no solution; my provider swears there was no new mailfilter installed since then.
    HELP !


    And I think I found the solution!!!
    Apparently, after an upgrade, NewsLetter enabled the SendGrid module by default. Since I did not use this service anymore (and no valid API was given), mails could not be sent.
    After unchecking the “Enabled?” checkbox, mails are sent again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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