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    I recently began a newsletter using The Newsletter Plugin, and heard from two subscribers in the last couple of days that when they tried to confirm their subscription from a mobile phone browser (one Edge, the other Chrome, so maybe it’s unique to Chrome-based browsers) they got an error result after entering the correct answer to the math question. When they then tried a second time, each got the error message I set up for people who are already subscribed. When I looked them up in my subscribers list, they were listed as “confirmed,” so the double-opt-in mechanics behind the scenes apparently worked.

    I’ve deactivated both Akismet and Captcha, tested from Edge on my own phone, and had no problems, so it looks to me like it’s either the Akismet integration or the Captcha component.

    Is this happening to other folks? Is this a known issue? Or is this unique to me in some way? I’d really love to turn Akismet back on, but I don’t want to do so and start blocking mobile users (again). 

    Thanks! I love The Newsletter Plugin so far!


    Update: with a little testing I’ve been able to confirm Akismet is NOT the problem. I’m guessing mobile browsers (at least Chrome and Edge on Android) are getting hung up on the javascript part of the Captcha, maybe? I don’t know, but I can say things are working for my newsletter once I turn off Captcha in the anti-spam settings under the subscription settings.


    Hi, the captcha has not js… weird, is the problem still there? Debugging on a mobile browser is really complicated, but if you share a link we can try to test.


    Hi there! I never turned Captcha back on, and no one has had issues since, so it isn’t still happening. (I’ve had several signups since turning it off, and they were by people who know me so I was able to check after the fact.) 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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