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    Hello! We are using The Newsletter Plugin on a client site. Everything works great so far and we set up and tested our first newsletter. Comes through great in Gmail and in any modern browser. However, our client uses the Mail client on her Mac to view the newsletter and the image is not showing for her. It shows when she views it in Gmail on a browser, but not in Mac Mail. Here is a screenshot of what she is seeing – a big blank square with a small blue box in the center with a question mark:

    Screenshot of missing image

    We did have her check her Mail viewing preferences and “”Display remote images in e-mail” is checked. Any clue what could be causing the image not to show for her? Is this anything that can be fixed / controlled via settings for The Newsletter Plugin? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


    Hi, actually there is no much we can do in the plugin. It’s strange to not have that images loaded if you enabled the remote content. Any other information is given by apple mail over the image? The top logo is shown, is it an image?

    If you right click over the image is there any option?



    Yes, the logo at the top is a linked image as well, that’s why it’s so strange that it shows fine, but the hero image in the center does not show.

    I’ll have the client check in her Mail program to see if there are any options when clicking the blue question mark – thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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