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    Hello, thank you for your great plugin!!!

    I am searching for days now. I’m using polylang and I cant find a solution – even in the forum.

    —– What I did ————
    In the general settings I hit the button “create one” to create the dedicated page, in which I pasted just “[newsletter]“.
    Via polylang I made an italian version, with also just “[newsletter]” in it.

    In my two menus I refer to the two dedicated pages.
    If I follow the link, there is shown the correct form to sign in for the newsletter.

    —— the problem ———-
    But then – after hitting “sottoscrivere” I am lead to the german version – the message is correct in italian language (as I translated the service messages), BUT the menu is in german!!!!!.

    Can you give me an advice??
    Thank you so much!!!

    my last trying today leeds me to an other miracle:
    I deinstalled Newsletterplugin and installed it again – I followed the welcome wizard – BUT THERE WAS NO NEWSLETTER-PAGE created!!
    and there is no button “create one” anymore – whats going wrong?

    Thank you very much for a hint!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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