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    Not sure where to find out what is going on but I’ve moved a site from one server to another and everything appears to be working ok apart from the confirmation click in the email that is sent out. When I click on the link it goes to the correct page on the new server and then after a second forwards the newsletter page on the old server.
    I have deleted the plugin, deleted the directory via ftp and also deleted the tables from the database before downloading the latest version of the plugin from the site, uploading and activating it on the new server.
    The behaviour is still the same and I’m not sure where to find a reference to the old site in the newsletter package or why it is doing this.
    Hope someone can help




    check the content of the confirmation emial in the subscription panel. Maybe there you find the old url. Check even the dedicated page url, always in the subscription panel.
    You should even check the WP general setting to be compatible with your new domain.



    Hi Stefano

    Thank you, I immediately saw the URL listed below the dedicated page field on the subscriptions page gave the location of the old site. I pointed it to the new site page and it is all working now. I thought that removing the plugin and database entries would remove the reference. Anyway all fixed now.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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