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    For my Activation Email, Welcome Email and Goodbye Email, I have a block of HTML that I have inputted into the message editor’s [Text] tab.

    When I return to the page at a later time, the editor defaults back to the editor’s [Visual] tab — this is problematic and the code that I had in there ends up getting mangled.

    The code I insert has blocks of specifically there to keep the formatting for different email clients. BUT, the WYSWYG editor doesn’t understand it and either removes it altogether or removes the whitespace around it which is sometimes required for the mail client to display the layout correctly.

    ALSO, when I switch to the message editor’s [Text] tab again, I see the formatting changed: blocks of code removed (mainly MS Outlook display hacks), whitespace removed, etc.

    What’s worse, is let’s say I don’t touch any of the editors, but there’s a setting field above for that section, and I modify that field, but not any of the editors, the html code ends up getting interpreted by the editors anyhow and when I press the save button, it mangles all the code in those message editors below (or even others hidden in tabs I believe too).

    Is there a way to not have the editor default to the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor?


    Hi, actually there is no way to use only the HTML editor, but those blocks are common to all messages? If is you could add those blocks in the messages template.

    I’ll look at how we can give an option to use only an HTML editor (the editor is actually the WP editor and does not preserve the latest editing mode).



    Unfortunately, no they aren’t common to all messages.

    The Activate Email message has a nice layout of potential sales-based features that the user is enticed with to reinforce their onboarding subscription.

    The Welcome Email message has a different layout for walking people through some of the content on our website to get the most benefits from what we offer.

    The Goodbye Email message has a custom layout with an exclusive offer to help with customer retention.

    I think that the option to use only an HTML editor would be useful here, considering that many people could be using their own HTML templates from different sources to customize their content like we do.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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