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    It’s the first time I install a newsletter plugin. I would like to have some ideas on how to configure everything in a proper way. In particular I need to know if I need an SMTP – external server to make the plugin work or not. So..
    First question:
    I’ve tried some test emails and they were received correctly. Does it mean the plugin does all the work by itself?
    Second question:
    Is there a limits on the number of email it can send?
    Third question:
    The sender email adress is “newsletter@mydomain.it”, but there isn’t a user “newsletter” in the “mydomain.it”. Is it an alias? How does it work?
    Last question:
    At the moment I’m using the plugin to test it. Later, when the website goes live, the client will have to use it independently. If I put her email address instead of mine in the setting, what does it happen?

    Thanks a lot


    No SMTP is required if your hosting provider provides a mail service for your blog (usually they do). About limits you should ask your provider. The sender email address can be configured on Newsletter main settings.



    Thank you for the reply. I’ll check with my hosting provider then.
    Just to be sure, if they tell me that everithing is included in the hosting, I don’t have to add anything in the settings; otherwise I need to buy an extra package for a SMTP and then configure it in the plug in.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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