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    I locked some content with the [newsletter_lock] shortcode. When sending the welcome email with a link to the locked content the user can unlock it and read the content – this works without problems, because the “newsletter” cookie is set.

    When I send a new newsletter with a link to a new article with locked content the subscriber can read it – but only in the browser he used for the welcome email (because the cookie is still set).

    But when the user opens the new link (with the locked content) in a different browser without the cookie the content is locked!

    How can I configure the plugin that all new articles with locked content can be visible by the subscribers, independent of the browser or when the cookie was deleted?

    I tested all configurations, have read the manual, but can not find a solution!

    Thanks for your support!


    Of course, without the cookie the user cannot be recognized, is like to enter a site from another browser: you need to login again.


    Hello there.
    I’m a bit taken aback by Stefano’s answer. I have the same issue with the TNP (not mentionning the incredible difficulty to get in touch with you guys since forum, support ticket, FAQ, documentation… – which is very short and small – generate 404 errors 9 times out of 10 on various browsers and TNP’s FB page don’t accept messages).
    Stefano, I reckon you’re the developper of TNP right? 🙂 Hi.
    You say subscribers need to login again. But for the life of me I cannot understand (and I’ve read all I found, documentation – when it loads, and everything) how a newsletter subscriber who once did subscribe with a mere name and email can login (login into what?) without providing password or anything. What do you men exactly?
    How can a person who subscribed in the past re-activate their access to Locket Out content now?
    I have 5000 subscribers gathered over the last years. I installed Locked Out Content last week. My new subscribers get access alright. But the 5000 persons from before cannot and I get truck loads of messages from people writting to me “I have subscribed and cannot access, this sucks”.
    So, what is your answer? How do the former subscribers get access to new Locked Out Content? What do I reply to me 5000 subscribers who don’t get access to my Locked Out content? OF COURSE there are various situations where the cookie gets lost: people use different computers, browsers, looks obvious to me. PLEASE, help, enlighten us 🙂


    When you send a newsletter with links (with tracking active) and the subscriber follows a link a cookie is set. That grants the access.
    Newsletter has not a login system, of course, but with that cookie the subscriber is recognized: it’s like the magic login link some services send by email.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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