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    Happy New Year!

    I set up the Newsletter Plugin about 2 months ago with a simple newsletter form without any defined lists.

    Yesterday I tried to implement lists, so that people can subscribe to 2 different lists by checking or unchecking two checkboxes. I changed my newsletter shortcode by adding the two checkbox elements so that it looks like this:

      [newsletter_field name="first_name"
          label="First name  "]
      [newsletter_field name="last_name"
          label="Last name  "]
      [newsletter_field name="email"
          label="Email  "]
      [newsletter_field name="list" 
          label="I support Total Carbon Rationing"]
      [newsletter_field name="list" 
          label="Subscribe to updates"]
      [newsletter_field name="privacy"
          label="GDPR Permissions: check this box to confirm you agree to receive campaign updates and the Total Carbon Rationing newsletter. Your email address will never be sold or given to any third parties. You may unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of the newsletter email."]

    I notice in the generated HTML that the newsletter_field list checkboxes are totally absent.

    I have entered lists 1 and 2 on the Lists form in the Newsletter list-building configuration page, and chosen ‘Even on subscription forms’ for both.

    I have not included a list=”1,2″ attribute on my form definition because I want them to be free options, although in fact if I do put that attribute on the form, then the appropriate hidden fields are included.

    It seems there must be a problem but I can’t see what I need to do.

    Best regards


    Is there any way forward with this?

    The only thing that occurs to me is that it might be broken because some state in the database is breaking the use of lists, because I initially set it up without lists and it can’t handle the change.



    I went over all your documentation again. The plugin is really not doing its job here!

    Any advice?


    Hi Newsletter Plugin people,

    am I not getting any help on this as part of a policy to try to push me towards paid support?

    Unfortunately, the website I’m working on doesn’t have a budget at this point, so I can’t go down this route, but it would surely be nice to get just limited feedback on this!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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