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    The Moisturizer

    Hi Stefano!

    First of all, thanks for creating such a useful plugin, it really makes a difference being able to centralize newsletters within WP.

    I have found a few issues that could be improved in further updates for a better experience, all of them regarding the Newsletter composer:

    • 1. On the Hero block:
    • 1.1. It’s not possible to add a link to the image, which would be useful if a reader wants to head to a specific post / piece of content directly, as many of us are used to, instead of by clicking the button.
      1.2. The text’s appearance can’t be edited, and it would be great having the possibility of justifying it, creating links, bolding…

    • 2. On the Text block:
    • 2.1. You can only use predetermined font sizes, so if I wanted to use a 30px font I’d have to compromise and go for 24 or 36px.
      2.2. The H1, H2… don’t turn any results. I thought they could inherit those values from my web’s CSS or any predetermined ones, but they don’t.

    • 3. On Header: There’s a gap between the header itself and the rest of the newsletter’s content, so there is no continuity between them.
    • 4. On Last posts: It should be possible to edit the image that’s included into the newsletter so that it isn’t just the Featured image from the post but any one that’s included in it or a different one, especially if we use WebP ones.
    • 5. On Footer: You cannot order the different elements so that “Manage your subscription” may appear before “Cancel your subscription”.
    • 6. On Company info: There’s a large chunk of top padding that can’t be modified (or at least I haven’t been able to).
    • 7. On Call to action: On the phone version, if the text is larger than 1 line the button automatically turns into a sort of “band” that occupies the whole container, is there a way to keep it smaller?
    • 8. On Columns: I’ve read on other user’s posts that there used to be a possibility to create columns, will that come back? It would be great having an opportunity to share two pictures or text blocks side-by-side.

    Looking forward to your insights, thanks a lot in advance!


    Thank you very much for sharing all those interesting ideas! We’ll try to include what’s possible in next versions.


    I would be very interested in having these changes for the hero block too. I have two additions:
    1. To ability to scale the hero picture;
    2. Change the alignment of the title, text and button. It’s now in the top of the picture, I would rather have my text aligned in the centre-centre.


    Can you please advise if a solution has been given to creating two columns to the newsletter block?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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