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    I know that i’ve been posting some topic here about the issues of this plugin. The plugin is good before but after the latest update some good features on the plugin got changed to a bad one. Just like in the “Settings for Registration” there’s an option there that you can make a costume welcome page and confirmation page but it became useless in the recent updates as they added a feature in the General settings that you need to choose in your web pages as your “Both” Welcome and Confirmation page which doesn’t make sense at all.

    This isn’t the first time that the developers removed a good feature in their plugins. There’s also a feature where you can create 2 different email templates for Welcome and Confirmation emails separately but that was removed for some reason and now they did the same for the web pages.

    This might be like criticizing the developer’s work but i hope any of TheNewsletterPlugin Team will read this.


    Hi, we never supported two template for the activation and welcome email messages. Only a single template can be applied and the texts customized from the subscription settings panel.

    The custom welcome page can be set on the subscription setting panel if you need to have a specific url loaded after the activation (with double opt in) or after the subscription (with single op in).

    Actually we didn’t remove any feature on latest versions.



    Thank you for the response Mr. Stefano

    What i mean about the Web Page Double Opt In issue is that the feature is still there but it became useless after you added a feature in the General settings which you need to choose from one of your ready made web pages on the Pages section. So we can’t make a double opt in like we used to anymore….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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