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    I am testing the plugin. Images do not show on mobile phone, but they do show on desktop. I checked permissions to 777 for the wp-content/uploads. Anything else you would recommend?
    Very nice plugin, btw.
    Thank you.


    Hi, if they show in a client, your server is ok, setting the folder to 777 is not the right choice. Probably is the mobile client which is blocking the image loading.



    Thank you for your reply. I have never had any problems with images showing in the Android email client. This is with a latest Samsung phone. I also checked with the Outlook email client. Same thing. A great percentage of users use the android email app or Outlook. To be fair they show in Gmail app! If you have any idea why would that happen, I would appreciate your thoughts. Lastly, I did use your templates and also sent a customized email with my own uploaded pics from WordPress. Same result.


    Update to my previous post:
    If I upload my images to let’s say Tinypic then the email displays perfectly. But images from wordpress, which they were uploaded do not. Obviously, it has to do with permissions or something that I do not understand. I did try while all plugins were disabled. Same result.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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