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    I just started testing this plugin and I am seeing the following that doesn’t make sense:
    1. I can create/compose a new newsletter that shows all images perfectly.
    2. When I send a test newsletter to myself, all the images do not display. They show a space for the image with “?”.
    3. I have looked at the test newsletter in html format and the image links are correct. I have copied them from the html and they work.

    I cannot figure what is wrong. I have looked in the forum and other folks have asked this question, but no one has responded.

    I am using:
    Wordpress: 5.5.2
    Newsletter: 6.9.6

    Please help.
    Thank you.


    I have tried all of the following to no avail:

    1. the mail body encoding (settable on main Newsletter configuration) -> try different values (usually base 64 works on every system, but we experienced cases where the 8 bit encoding was mandatory – your provider should be of help on that topic)
    2. the content activate spam filters
    2.1. check if you have images from other domains -> use only images from your blog domain
    2.2. disable the tracking feature
    2.3. remove all images
    2.4. remove all links
    2.5. empty the message and reconstruct it by little pieces testing on each change -> note what you add when it stop to work again (can be a specific word, time ago we had a user with a provider blocking emails with the “update” word inside!)


    I’m having the exact same issue on
    WordPress 5.5.3
    Plugin: 6.9.9

    I can build my newsletter and send the Test, but the images aren’t showing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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