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    Gayle Atherton

    Hi there,

    We have have just submitted a professional installation ticket today but I did have some questions.

    I tried really hard to submit my pre-sales questions answered but – didn’t hear back so we have purchased
    and know we can refund main plugin (not professional set up).

    The reason why we went ahead like this is because it seems your plugin can do a lot of things 🙂
    so here is our questions:

    Background: we are a non-profit charity offering free meditation in Australia and we have 27 locations.
    We have a booking app on our https://meditate.thebrahmakumaris.org.au where you are doing the professional installation
    and we are trying to have 27 lists (for the transactional email that comes from our online bookings).

    I know you are doing a basic professional set up but could you please point us in the right direction to do the following ourselves:

    1. Each of our 27 locations are editors in our booking app and we can set them up like that I think using your WP users integration I hope – can you advise how we might be able to segregate the newsletter plugin for our 27 locations (maybe we need a customisation hook)? We are looking to create 27 transnational email lists so any hook or other advice would be great.
    2. Are we able to select the blog content we want to send out to people on our newsletter?
    3. Are we able to send out email to a custom list (where we manually insert email recipients) for our follow up booking confirmation emails? (of our booking events)
    4. Are we able to segregate out the events for automatic newsletters (or use a hook again to insert the local content for our 27 locations)
    5. Would love to know what your “event” extension does.
    6. Is there any advice you can give us regarding our set up?
    7. Can we pay you to do a professional installation on our other sub-domains?

    Thanks so much

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Gayle Atherton for Maria Anning


    Hi, your requests should have been addressed on a ticket. Thank you, Stefano.

    Gayle Atherton

    Hi Stefano,
    I don’t think we have received a reply from Michael yet.

    Are we able to use the Newsletter plugin according to our question 1, 3 and 4?

    AND could could you point me in the right direction to setting this up?

    Many thanks Stefano – looks like a really elaborate app and am very happy to see it does hook in directly to our event app.
    I didnt know that when I got it 🙂

    Many thanks

    Gayle Atherton (for Maria Anning)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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