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    Primo, mille grazie for this genious plugin!!!!

    For the page containing the welcome message, I can either use the automatic page using the text “welcome message” under “List building > subscription > welcome”. Or, I can give just below an address of a custom page. This is what I want to use.

    The problem: using tags like {name} do obviously not work on this page. Is there a possibility to use them there?? (I tried using a shortcode something like [newsletter_field name="name"], but it gave me a name input field instead of the name text).

    => If this is not possible, then having a custom built welcome page is essentially useless? (The reason why I want to use a custom page is that I want to style it using the usual graphical elements from my template … but maybe I need to manually emulate this?).

    Thanks a lot!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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