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    Fabienne Lux

    I have 2 public lists, List 1 and List 2. I now want to offer one subscription form on page 1 to have the user subscribe to List 1 without showing an option for list 2. I also want to show another subscription form on page 2 for list 2 without showing options for list 1.
    How do I do this?

    Fabienne Lux

    So I created to shortcodes in the pages: [newsletter_form lists= "1"] and [newsletter_form lists= "2"]
    Both forms show in the frontent up with both lists visible and both lists checked. I am clearly doing something wrong. I followed the documentation to the t and it is still not working. Please help!

    Fabienne Lux

    Some unacceptable behaviour occurred:

    All new subscribers get added to all the lists, no matter what list was specified in the shortcode. Including the private lists! This is unacceptable! How can the lists be separated by subscription?
    in this form the plugin is unusable and I regret paying for the premium version. I raised this issue before, please fix asap!


    Hi, check if the lists are cofigured to be preset in the lists management panel. Forms cannot set private lists.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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